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Safe Side & Back pack

This Secure Side Bag and Back Pack is a unique product. Designed with Pilgrims in mind, this bag can be used as a side bag when you're out shopping, and need quick and easy access to your wallet or purse. But when you're walking from say Muzdalifah to Mina or walking to the Jaamarat or you're doing Tawaf then you can use it as a Back Pack and distribute the weight.

Completely multi-functional this product gives you the space and pockets to hold all of your most valuable belongings including your prayer books and much more.


Use as a Side Bag
Use as a Back Pack
5 x Zipped Pockets
Secure front flap
Easy Access pockets
Water Resistant Material
Adjustable Straps
Padded internal pockets
Hold your Digital Technology including your iPad or Tablet

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