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Qur'aan Tajweed Bookmarks

A must have for everyone. Tajweed Rules Bookmarks for the Qur'aan.

These double sided bookmarks contain Tajweed rules of different levels.

Blue: Basic Rules

  • Tajweed meaning
  • Ruling status of Tajweed
  • 5 important related etiquettes
  • Basic rules of Madd Aslee and Far'ee with examples
  • Letters of Qalqalah
  • Full-mouth letters
  • Idghaam, Ikhfaa, Qalb & Izhar
  • Rules of the Laam of Allah

Purple: Advanced Rules

  • Madd Aslee
  • Madd Far'ee
    • Madd Muttasil
    • Madd Munfasil
    • Madd 'Aaridh
    • Madd Laazim
  • Rules of
    • Ana (???)
    • Raa
  • Waqf
  • Waqf Symbols

All the rules have been thouroughly checked and approved by senior scholars in UK.

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