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Madrasah Management Software Special Offer

An exclusive special offer from Islamic Products UK brings you the number #1 ultimate management software for your Madrasah.

IBEUK's IBEAMS is without a doubt the leading software for Madaaris which is rich with feature and an unparalleled technical support to deliver all your needs.

Read the list of features here:

This offer is exclusive to IslamicProducts.UK


Medium package allows upto 150 students and all features
Normal price: £20 per month.
First month: FREE
Month 2: £10
Month 3: £10
Then standard price..
Save £40

Enterprise package allows unlimited students and all features.
Normal price: £40 per month.
First month: FREE
Month 2: £20
Month 3: £20
Then standard price..
Save £80

Adding 2 quantities will mean 2 separate purchases i.e. 2 systems. It will not increase the number of months the offer is for.

Once purchased, you will receive a call from IBEUK to help you through the setup.

This purchase is a minimum contract of 3 months and can only be cancelled after a minimum of 3 months. Cancellation before 3 months is non-refundable. To ensure this is for you, please request a demo from

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